Presentation Tips & Criteria

UPIKE High School Startup Challenge

Business Pitch Competition Format

Ten Slides (see below), maximum of Ten Minutes for Uninterrupted Presentation followed by 5 minutes of Question and Answer Session with Judges


Slides should be in the order listed below. Do not label the first two slides “cover slide” or “story” customize these to fit with your company and product/service. Slides 3-10 should have the headings (or something similar) listed below.


  1. Cover Slide (Logo and Team Member Names)

  2. Story (Opening Example to illustrate the problem – approximately 1 minute)

  3. Problem (Quantify in time, dollars, etc. the size of the problem)

  4. Solution (How your product/service directly addresses and solves the problem, its major benefits)

  5. Industry (How large is it in people and dollars, and at what rate is it growing)

  6. Competition (Who are they and how will you succeed in spite of them, how are you different)

  7. Marketing (How will customers learn of your product and buy it)

  8. Growth (How will you scale the business for future growth, how will you expand)

  9. Team (The skills/experience your team has to make this all work & experts to help you)

10. Finances (startup funding needed, costs, revenues, profit potential)

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